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عشق شیشه ای

The Glass Love | عشق شیشه‌ای

PersianComedy, Drama 90 min 1999 (Iran)

Jalal, a supporting actor in cinema who has also faced heartbreak in love, contemplates suicide. He finds himself at the ‘Golha’ Inn, initially attempting to hang himself with a rope. However, he fails and is forced to seek the help of a hitman. Hassan Chakhan, a cinema actor, provides him with the address of a notorious assassin known as ‘Raad’. Disguised with a beard and makeup, Jalal, using the alias Behrouz, meets Raad and his young accomplice Asghar. He hands them his real photo and the address of the inn, and they agree to kill the person in the picture, who is actually Jalal himself, in exchange for a sum of money as a down payment. On the appointed night, seeing the two hitmen approaching the inn, Jalal flees, and they start chasing him. Amid this pursuit, Jalal encounters an old man who has suffered a heart attack and fallen by the street due to a car accident. Accompanying him is a young girl named Shirin. Seeing the girl reminds Jalal of his old love, Mina. While the hitmen continue chasing him, Jalal brings the old man and the young girl to their home. His acquaintance with Shirin rekindles hope in Jalal’s life.

Gholamreza Heidar Nejad
Gholamreza Heidar Nejad
Gholamreza Heidar Nejad
Mehrzad Minoei
Bahram Dehghanyar
Production Company
Farabi Cinema Foundation

Cast & Crew
Akbar Dodkar, Ezzatollah Entezami, Mahmoud Jafari, Mahnaz Afzali, Parviz Parastui, Ramin Rastaad