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عشق گمشده

The Lost Love | عشق گمشده

PersianDrama, Family 90 min 1998

Dr. Hamid Sepehr returns to Iran from America to visit his uncle and meet his cousin after twenty-two years away from his homeland. But at the airport, he is only welcomed by a taxi driver named Mehdi, whose daughter Dr. Sepehr operated on for free in America. He soon finds out that his uncle has passed away and his cousin Sohail has also become addicted after the death of his daughter under the bombing of Iraqi planes and separation from his Iranian wife.

Saeed Asadi
Saeed Asadi
Mehrdad Fakhimi
Hayedeh Safiyari
Ahmad Pejman
Production Company
Farabi Cinema Foundation

Cast & Crew
Akbar Abdi, Farimah Farjami, Homayoun Ershadi, Jahangir Almasi, Mehran Modiri