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Thirst | عطش

PersianMystery 92 min 18 June 2003

Nader, freshly out of prison after five years, receives a warm welcome from his wife Sudabah. An old acquaintance proposes a daring idea: robbing a jewelry store owned by Saeed Zabul, the very person who got Nader imprisoned. Seeking revenge, Nader teams up with Ashkan, aiming to buy a home and start a family, and Kurosh, an electronic operations expert. They plan meticulously, creating a diversionary fire under the Tehran Grand Hotel to access the jewelry store. Amid the chaos, they execute the robbery skillfully. Afterward, Ashkan tricks Nader and escapes with Cyrus, taking the stolen valuables. Amid conflicts, Nader and Kurosh cross paths in pursuit of justice. Misguided by Ashkan’s apparent death, Nader confronts Cyrus, resulting in tragedy. Nader arranges a meeting with his wife but meets a tragic end when shot by a henchman of the very friend who suggested the robbery. In a twist, Ashkan reappears, revealing Nader’s betrayal, only to be killed by the same person. The stolen money ends up with the gang leader, sealing the fate of all involved in this intense story of revenge and deceit.

MohammadHossein Farahbakhsh
Peiman Moadi
Farajollah Heidari
Kamran Chadakchian
Keivan Jahanshahi
Production Company
Pouya Film

Cast & Crew
Bahram Radan, Fariborz Arabnia, Manoochehr Sadeghpour, Saghar Azizi, Shabnam Gholikhani, Shahram Haghighat Doost