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Thirst | عطش

PersianDrama 95 min 1972

In the film “Thirst,” Ali commits a murder, and his brother Hashem takes the blame and goes to prison. Meanwhile, Ali falls for Esmat, who lives in Taher’s house. Ali’s personal struggles lead him to take his own life. Ali’s father, Mashhadi Hossein, blames Esmat and incites the community against her. Esmat escapes, and Hashem is released from prison. Esmat seeks refuge in Hashem’s home under a new identity. Tahir encourages Hashem to continue his rebellious actions, but Hashem is now drawn to Esmat. Taher proposes to Esmat, but she refuses. Hashem tries to convince his father of Esmat’s innocence and their love, but his father disagrees. Esmat eventually proves her innocence to Hashem, and they escape together. Conflicts escalate with Taher and his associates, leading to a tragic conclusion as Hashem and Esmat are shot by residents. “Thirst” tells a gripping story of love, sacrifice, and complex relationships.

Iraj Ghaderi
Alireza Davoud Nezhad
Kamal Motiee
Khalil Rafe
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company
Rex Cinema Theater
Takhte Jamshid Studio

Cast & Crew
Iraj Ghaderi, Katayun, Mahmud Tehrani, Mohammad Farzin, Mohammad Taghi Kahnamouei