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علفهای هرز

Unwanted Weeds | علفهای هرز

PersianSocial 102 min 1976

Siamak and Esi pass through a robbery. Siamak, who has been summoned for military service, escapes from the barracks. Ostovar, a morally upright man who was a friend of Siamak’s father, is trying to convince Siamak to get back. Esi and Siamak settle in the house of their friend Mamal, who works at a gas station and is a neighbor of Ostovar. Siamak falls in love with Bahar, Ostovar’s daughter, following Esi’s death, due to brain cancer, Siamak marries Bahar and joins the military again. A man named Kazem, who has a long-standing enmity with Siamak, falsely informs Bahar that Siamak has been killed in a car accident. Devastated by this news, Bahar commits suicide. When Siamak finishes his military service and realizes Bahar’s suicide, he tracks down Kazem and murders him for spreading the false information. Siamak, in turn…

Amir Mojahed
Farzan Deljou
Amir Mojahed
Farzan Deljou
Petros Palian
Iraj Golafshan
Production Company
Mash'al Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Aileen Wigan, Arman Hospian, Farzan Deljou, Mehrab Shahrokhi, Shahram Shappareh