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علی و دنی

Ali and Dani | علی و دنی

PersianAction, Adventure, Drama 98 min 2000

Danny, an English teenager who is a film actor, tells one of his relatives about his trip to Isfahan: Danny, who has a film in the Children’s Festival, comes to Isfahan with the director and a few others and shares a room with Ali, who is also an actor. to be At first, Ali and Danny disagree and their work even leads to arguments, but when their films are screened at the festival, they become friends. The day they went to the Isfahan bazaar for sightseeing, they argue again due to a misunderstanding. Danny escapes from Ali and gets caught by a group of smugglers who plan to take antique coins out of the country. Ali also gets caught by the same group of smugglers while searching for Danny. Ali, who realizes that they plan to feed the coins to an Afghan child and then kill him, helps him escape. The smugglers get angry and decide to use Ali to smuggle the coins. Ali and Danny run away and two of the smugglers go looking for them and catch Ali. Danny, who escaped with a group of kids who are planning to go to the festival, with the help of the police chief, rescue Danny and arrest the smugglers. While at the festival everyone is disappointed to find Ali and Danny, they return to the hotel and find that they have been jointly awarded the Best Actor award.

Vahid Nikkhah Azad
Kambozia Partovi
Bahram Badakhshani
Vahid Nikkhah Azad
Fardin Khalatbari
Production Company
Soureh Cinema Organization

Cast & Crew
Akbar Abdi, Hossein Mahjoub, Mehdi Lotfi, Nik Robinson