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Encumbered By A Family | عیالوار

PersianComedy, Drama 84 min 1993

During his grandmother’s birthday party, Ali, a mischievous boy in the family, engages in disruptive behavior, attacking his uncle and ruining the birthday cake. In response, Ali’s father confines him to a room, and the next day, the rest of the family departs on a trip, leaving Ali behind.

Unbeknownst to the family, Ali’s uncle and another accomplice hatch a plan to steal valuable items from the grandmother’s house. With the house empty, it appears to be an ideal opportunity to carry out their scheme. However, Ali, determined to thwart their theft, employs clever tricks to foil their plans repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Ali’s parents, growing increasingly concerned about their son, begin to regret the length of their journey. Eventually, Ali’s mother decides to return home, and she hitches a ride with a truck driver who is also traveling to Tehran with her husband and child.

At the precise moment when Ali, assisted by the elderly gardener of the house, manages to trap the thieves amid a multitude of facing mirrors, his mother arrives back home, putting an end to the criminals’ designs.

Parviz Sabri
Parviz Sabri
Hassan Gholizade
Shirin Vahidi
Mohammadreza Aligholi
Production Company
Arman Film

Cast & Crew
Akbar Dodkar, Bagher Shahruodi, Esmaeil Davarfar, Fayegheh Harati, Gholam Reza Leylazi, Gohar Kheirandish, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Iman Ghasemi, Iraj Kah Koei, Jamshid Esmaeil Khani, Katayoun Kahkooei, Mahbuobe Zera'at Doost, Mahnaz Ghamkhar, Mehdi Ghaffari, Mohammad Kad Khodaei, Mohammad Saadaat Yar, Mohammad Vashuochi, Morteza Zarrabi, Nima Sabri, Parviz Sabri, Rahman Moghaddam, Shahab Ahmadi Nezhad, Shohreh Adibi, Tahereh Sirati