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Ghazal | غزل

PersianAction, Crime, Drama 106 min 1976

Two brothers: Hojjat (Mohammed Ali Fardin) and Zein ol-Abidin (Faramarz Gharokan) are forest rangers and live in solitude. One day they find out how many people are secretly cutting down trees in the forest. Hojjat follows the attackers and returns to the hut with Ghazal (Puri Banayi), a famous woman. Zein ol-Abidin loves Ghazal; But Hojjat also realizes that he has fallen in love with Ghazal. Two brothers decide to destroy Ghazal so that no one gets hurt in this battle. After killing Ghazal, the two of them buried his body in the heart of the forest and after setting fire to their hut, they went on horseback to find their unknown fate.

Masoud Kimiyayi
Jorge Luis Borges
Nemat Haghighi
Abbas Ganjavi
Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Amrollah Saberi, Faramarz Gharibian, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Nosrat Karimi, Parvin Soleymani, Puri Banyi, Saeed Pirdust, Shahnaz