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غلام ژاندارم

Sheriff Qolam | غلام ژاندارم

PersianAction, Adventure 90 min 1971

An outlaw group led by Akbar Gorg is busy killing and looting people. A skilled gunner named Dash Gholam and his friend Sohrab face each other, and in one of those conflicts, Sohrab becomes blind. Dash Gholam, who was taking care of Baharak, Kodkhoda’s daughter, also brings Sattar, Gorg’s son, with him. Years have passed, now Baharak and Sattar have grown up and gradually become interested in each other. Gorg and his men set a trap and arrest Dash Gholam, Sattar and Baharak and insult Baharak, but Dash Gholam and Sattar escape and Sattar tries to return with a group of gendarmes and Dash Gholam continues to fight and escape with Gorg until this Gholam gets trapped again and is wounded by a wolf bullet. Just before Greg has a chance to shoot him, Sattar and the gendarmes arrive and Gorg is killed by a bullet that Baharak shoots at him, and Gholam also sends Sattar to Baharak before he dies.

Aman Manteghi
Soheyla Nassr
Nosratollah Kani
Rubik Mansouri
Anoushirvan Rohani
Production Company
Tina Film

Cast & Crew
Fereydon SaatSaz, Hasan Golpayegani, Iraj Ghaderi, Marjan, Mousavi, Naser Malek Motiee