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The Monster | غول

PersianAction, Adventure 104 min 1973

Rashid is deeply in love with a dancer named Mahboobe, but their connection is obstructed by a formidable figure known as “the monster,” Javad. When Rashid is brutally attacked by the monster, he reaches out to his trusted steward, Ruhollah, to find a solution to deal with the monster. Ruhollah enlists the help of Hossein for this purpose, but their plan takes an unexpected turn when Ghul, the monster, reprimands Hossein severely. Instead of siding with Rashid, Hossein extends his support to Ismail Gawkish. However, Ismail is deceived into believing that Mehbooba is Rashid’s daughter, forced to work in a cafe against her will by Ghul. Mehbooba, desperate for assistance, also seeks Ismail’s help. Ismail becomes entangled in the complex web of relationships, gradually realizing that the connection between Mahboobe and Rashid is not as it seems. Ultimately, Ismail confronts the monster in a fierce battle, leading to the monster’s demise. He then takes Mehbooba under his care and into his home, a conclusion filled with suspense and emotion.

Davud Ismaili
Reza Aghili
Ali Sadeghi
Morteza Hamzeh
Reza Mohajer
Hassan Musayebi
Hossein Vaseghi
Reza Shamsa
Production Company
Sayira Film

Cast & Crew
Bahman Mofid, Enayatollah Bakhshi, Hosein Gil, Jahangir Forouhar, Jamileh, Morteza Aghili