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The Distance | فاصله

PersianFamily 81 min 1975

Mehdi, who lives a modest life with his mother Mehri Vedadian and his father Us (Usta) Hosein, falls for a wealthy girl named Gol. Gol’s father, Hessam Khan, warns her against seeing Mehdi. Despite Hessam Khan’s opposition, Gol asks Mehdi to propose to her. Hesam Khan and his family ostracize Mehdi. Hesam Khan decides to arrange Gol’s marriage to his cousin Bijan instead. Gol, feeling trapped, threatens to commit suicide. Hesam Khan appears to agree to Gol’s marriage to Mehdi, but he schemes to frame Mehdi for theft. As a result, Mehdi is sentenced to two years in prison. After his release, Mehdi searches for Gol and finds her in a public house…


Morteza Aghili
Morteza Aghili
Mahdi Amir Qasim Khani
Mehdi AmirGhasemKhani
Ardalan SarAfraz
Masoud Mahmoudi
Production Company
New Damavand Studio

Cast & Crew
Aileen Wigan, Arash, Farhad Aghajani, Mehri Vedadian, Morteza Aghili