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فرار از تله

Escape from the trap | فرار از تله

PersianAction 110 min 1971

Murtaza is a young man who has served five years in prison due to a misunderstanding and accusation. After his release, he goes to see his beloved, Mehri. However, she had been forced into a marriage with a man named Usta Faraj. Usta Faraj is willing to set Mehri free in exchange for a sum of money. Meanwhile, Murtaza falls into the trap of temptation with a man named Karim, and they decide to commit a robbery together. Murtaza takes the money and goes to confront Usta Faraj. The divorce takes place, but Asghar (the owner of the stolen money) shows up and shoots Murtaza to death.

Jalal Moghadam
Jalal Moghadam
Nusratullah Kani
Mahdi Raja’ian
Morteza Hananeh
Production Company
Filmco Films

Cast & Crew
Abbas Nazeri Nik, Behrooz Vosoughi, Davoud Rashidi, Nilufar, Shahrzad