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فرار بزرگ

The Great Escape | فرار بزرگ

PersianAction, Adventure 90 min 1997

After moving his family away from the war zone, Ali is captured in a conflict with the Iraqis. In the asylum, the Iranian prisoners are trying to implement an escape plan so that they can give their names to the local forces because the Iraqis have kept the existence of this camp a secret from the Red Crescent forces.

Nasser Mohammadi
Alireza Akhlaghi
Seyed Mohammad Ghazi
Iraj Gol Afshan
Bahram Saeedi
Production Company
Tavooni Poorika Film

Cast & Crew
Hadi Farahani, Hossein Gil, Jalal Pishvaeian, Naser Najafi, Shahram Pour Asad