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فقط آقا مهدی میتونه

Just Mahdi can do it | فقط آقا مهدی میتونه

PersianAction 107 min 1976

Under Jalal’s orders, Pary and his friend Mahin try to sabotage Mehdi’s married life, pitting him against his friends Nemat and Gooch Ali. Jalal, once a worker for Mehdi, lands in prison due to a fake check issued in Mehdi’s name, filed by Mehdi himself. Upon his release, Jalal reveals to Fereshte, Mehdi’s wife, about her husband’s affair with Peri, leading Fereshte to leave Mehdi’s home against her will. Peri becomes intrigued by Mehdi but refuses to work with Jalal despite their financial arrangements. Jalal files a complaint against Mehdi, landing himself in jail. Mehdi, in an unexpected turn of events, pays off Peri’s debts to Jalal and secures her release. Despite being aware of Jalal and Peri’s conspiracy, Mehdi expresses his interest in Peri. However, Peri distances herself from Mehdi. With the help of Nemat, Peri contacts Fereshte, who has been estranged from her husband for many years and is now pregnant. Peri encourages Fereshte to return to her husband’s house, initiating a potential reconciliation.

Reza Safayi
Habibullah Kasmayi
Reza Anjom Rooz
Reza Safaei
Mirza Gudarzi
Production Company
Cinema organization of Farang city

Cast & Crew
Ali Miri, Ali Zahedi, Parvin Soleimani, Rana Safavi, Shahla Yousefi, Yadollah Shirandami