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فوتبالیست ها

Football Players | فوتبالیست ها

PersianDrama 95 min 2001

Dr. Shokoohi, a representative of the State Welfare Organization of Iran is trying to prepare a football team for orphans and adolescents to be sent to the World Junior Championships in Switzerland. After not having succeeded in attracting the Football Federation’s cooperation in this regard, she visits Ali Parvin with the help Hamid Steeli, the honorary employee of the organization. After getting aware of the humanitarian objectives of this attempt, Parvin announces that he will do his best to provide all the technical, outreach and financial assets of the Persepolis club for this project. Meanwhile, there is a competition among the selected teenagers to be chosen as the main members of the team. The greatest effort and contest is between Hassan Raftari, a child who has lost her parents during the Roodbar earthquake, and another adolescent named Khosrow. It is very important for both of them to be the leading goalscorer of the competition. Hassan, who has shown great talent and performance, becomes aware of the poor condition of Khosrow’s father, and causes Khosrow to win the golden coins and become the leading goalscorer. 

Ali Akbar Saghafi
Ali Akbar Saghafi
Maziar Parto
Iraj Golafshan
Behnam Abtahi
Production Company
Avishan film

Cast & Crew
Abbas Panahandeh, Afshin Peyrovani, Ali Parvin, Fatemeh Gudarzi, Hamid Saghafi, Hamid Stili, Hamidreza Khalili, Hashem Heidari, Hassan Sedaghat, Hengameh Farazmand, Hossein Soltani, Jamshid Esmailkhani, Majid Naeini, Mehdi Akbari, Mohammad Barzegar, Mohammad Nobari, Mohammad Parvin, Mohammad Zomoradi, Mojtaba Pahlavan, Navid Naeini, Reza Ali Fekr, Saeed Amirsoleimani, Shahram Zamani, Sobhan Bagherzadeh