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فیل و فنجون

Mismatched Harmony | فیل و فنجون

PersianComedy 90 min 1966

Shaban from Shiraz goes to Tehran for work and meets Feresh‌teh at the film studio. Nosrat, the studio director, fires Feresh‌teh, due to avoiding nudity in film scenes. Shaban and Feresh‌teh leave together. In a cabaret, Feresh‌teh starts singing and vouches for Shaban to be hired as a waiter. Shaban’s clumsy behavior gets them fired the same night. In a brawl outside the cabaret, a customer named Faramarz comes to their aid and thereafter provides them with support. Faramarz’s mother opposes his involvement with Feresh‌teh and expels her. The three form a cheerful group, and later, Feresh‌teh finds Faramarz’s father. With the sign he gives about his wife…


Rahim Roshanian
Rahim Roshanian
Reza Anjom Rooz
Reza Anjom Rooz
Faegheh Atashin
Jafar PoorHashemi
Production Company
Karevan Film

Cast & Crew
Dalileh Namazi, Googoosh, Homayun, Javad Qaemmaghami, Rahim Roshanian