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Ghader | قادر

PersianAction 93 min 1976

Qader, Emad, and Ghazanfar are involved in smuggling activities. Qasem, their rival, reports their illegal actions to the authorities. During a smuggling operation, Emad gets injured and seeks refuge in a gypsy tent. Qader and Ghazanfar are arrested but released due to insufficient documentation. They also find refuge in the gypsy tents, where Qader falls in love with Khurshid, a gypsy girl. Khurshid, however, is interested in Emad. Qasem manipulates the situation, causing a conflict between Emad and Qader while ignoring Khurshid’s feelings. Qadir ultimately sides with Emad and Khurshid, leading to their arrest by the authorities on smuggling charges. Before heading to prison, Qader wishes Emad and Khurshid happiness, displaying a selfless act of kindness and sacrifice

Reza Safayi
Habibullah Kasmayi
shokrollah Rafiee
Reza Safaei
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company
Mehregan Film

Cast & Crew
Ali Miri, Hassan Raziani, Kami Kasravi, Reza Beik Imanverdi, Roshank Sadr