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The Dandelion | قاصدک

PersianAction 90 min 1976

Qasem Maloul is a young gambler who makes a living by stealing old women’s purses. His mother treats him kindly. But his father, who is a police officer, ignores him. His father kicks him out of the house and Qasim lives in his dear friend’s house. Qasim steals Zari’s bag, and Zari, a few days later, sees Qasim and chases after him and passes out in a car accident. Qasim takes him to the house of one of his friends, and Zari, after regaining consciousness, starts a controversy. The two gradually become interested in each other. At a party in his own house, Qasim steals the bags of the guests, and Zari’s stepmother sees him. Zari leaves her stepmother’s house and takes refuge with Qasim, and Qasim marries her. Qasim, who is unable to find a decent job, robs a jewelry store after finding out that Zari is pregnant and is shot by his father while trying to escape.

Mohammad Saffar
Hasan Rafiei
Jamshid Alvandi
Mehdi Rajaiyan
Fereydun Khoshnud
Leila Kasra
Nush Afarin
Production Company
Khaneh film Iran

Cast & Crew
Arman, Malihe Nasiri, Nush Afarin, Saeed Rad, Shahnaz