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قاصد بهشت

The Messenger of Heaven | قاصد بهشت

PersianFamily 90 min 1959

“Mirza Mozaffar” is a reliable and well-known businessman in the market, but suddenly everything goes wrong and after a short period of time he goes bankrupt. The reason for this is a cunning man and a smuggler who has his heart in love with the beautiful girl of Mozaffar, while the girl is in love with a young painter. After many adventures, the smuggler is finally disgraced, Mirza Mozaffar’s business flourishes again, and his daughter marries a young painter.

Samuel Khachikian
Hossein Madani
Vahak Vartanian
Shahrokh Rafi
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Azhir film

Cast & Crew
Hossein Madani, Iren Zazians, Mansur Sepehrnia, Nusratullah Vahdat, Shamsi Fazollahi