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Caravan | قافله

PersianAction, Drama 86 min 1993

In the midst of a conflict between police forces and smugglers, an officer loses his life. To investigate this case and handle a robbery, Captain Yusuf Pir Baloch, the victim’s cousin, is assigned to Baluchistan. He embarks on the task with the support of his uncle’s family.

Throughout the course of the investigation, Yusuf faces numerous challenges, and the events that transpire ultimately lead to the disintegration of his family. As the narrative unfolds, a skeleton goes missing, and Captain Yusuf Pir Baloch decides to infiltrate the smugglers’ ranks, positioning himself as one of their leaders. His mission is driven by a desire for vengeance against “Jalal,” one of the smugglers responsible for his cousin’s death.

Balancing between his roles within the police forces and the smugglers, Captain Yusuf Pir Baloch tirelessly works to locate and apprehend the criminals responsible, leading to a series of confrontations in his pursuit of justice.

Majid Javan Mard
Majid Javan Mard
Alireza Zarrindost
Mehdi Rajaeian
Mehrdad Jenabi
Production Company
Pooya Asr Film

Cast & Crew
Ali Sabet, Amirhossein Sedigh, Hasan Rezaei, Jamshid Hashempour, Katayoun Riahi, Kazem HajirAzad, Manouchehr Hamedi, Naser Gitijah, Parastoo Golestani, Reza Modirian, Shahed Ahmadloo