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The Boatmen | قایقرانان

PersianAction, Adventure 109 min 1972

Einullah and his sister Khurshid manage a seaside coffee shop. Rehane, a Gypsy woman, joins their team. Meanwhile, two friends, Ahmed and Ali, once employed by fisherman Jabbar, find themselves jobless. Both are romantically interested in Rehane, but she chooses Ahmed. They plan to marry, but tragedy strikes when Ahmed’s boat sinks during a storm. Villagers rescue him. Jabbar and his friend Asghar spread rumors about Rehane, causing tensions. Ali defends her, and Rehane, losing hope for Ahmed’s return, makes plans with Ali. However, Ahmed returns, reigniting his feelings for Rehane. Jabbar and Asghar’s interference sparks a confrontation with Ali. In the end, Ahmed and Rehane marry after overcoming challenges

Reza Safayi
Reza Safayi
Ali Sadeghi
Reza Safaei
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company
Sayira Film

Cast & Crew
Ali Miri, Gholamreza Sarkoub, Kami Kasravi, Manouchehr Vosough, Mohammad Hossein Abbasi, Pouri Banayi, Tahura Ghaffari