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The Victim | قربانی

PersianDrama 85 min 1993

Majid, a 29-year-old man, grapples with unresolved issues involving his father, Haaj-Nosrat. He perceives his father as a significant obstacle in his life and harbors a desire for revenge, yet the fear of taking action holds him back.

Driven by a need to settle the score, Majid makes a drastic decision: he kidnaps his 10-year-old brother, who is the apple of his father’s eye. In this gripping tale, the film explores the complex dynamics of love and hatred within a father-son relationship, inspired by a true story

Rasoul Sadr Aameli
Ebrahim Forouzesh
Rasoul Sadr Aameli
Ali Mazinani
Abbas Ganjavi
Babak Bayat
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ali Sartipi, Dariush Arjmand, Enayatullah Bakshi, Nasrin Moghanlou, Reza Ashtiani