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قربون هرچی خوشگله

Sacrifice Everything to Her Beauty | قربون هرچی خوشگله

PersianFamily 110 min 1973

Nayeb (Abdul Ali Homayun) plans to marry his nephew Maryam (Parastoo) to his son Bahram (Aref); But Bahram is infatuated with Parvin (Marjan). Etesam (Hoshang Beheshti), Parvin’s father, wants his daughter to marry his partner Jamshid. Parvin and Bahram get married despite their fathers’ opposition. Gradually, with Jamshid’s behavior towards Parveen, Bahram becomes suspicious of his wife. In a car accident, Bahram becomes blind and Jamshid is paralyzed. A doctor (Parviz Fenizadeh) takes over Bahram’s treatment. Jamshid confronts Bahram in the hospital and admits to him that his wife is a chaste woman. As a result of the shock that comes to Bahram, he regains his sight and resumes life with his wife.

Nezam Fatemi
Ismail Kushan
Nezam Fatemi
Mahmoud Kushan
Esmail Koushan
Homayoun Khorram
Production Company
Pars Film Studio

Cast & Crew
Aref, Jamshid Mehrdad, Marjan, Parastu, Parviz Fannizadeh