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قزل ارسلان

Qezel Arsalan | قزل ارسلان

PersianHistory 90 min 1957

Qezel Arslan, son of Amir Arslan, falls in love with a picture of Meh Laqa, Papas Shah’s daughter. In his quest to find her, he arrives in a city and discovers that Papas Shah is his father’s enemy. Caught in a web of intrigue, he becomes entangled with Sohail Wazir and is apprehended by Fouladzare Devil’s son.

Shapour Yasemi
Shapur Yasemi
Mahmoud Koushan 
Mahmoud Koushan 
Majid Vafadar
Production Company
Pars Film Studio

Cast & Crew
Abbas Mossadegh, Eylosh, Hossein Mohseni, Nasser Engheta, Shahnaz