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The Cage | قفس

PersianSocial 92 min 1974

In a tragic turn of events, Asghar kills Muhammad during a fight, making him a wanted man, pursued by Hussein, Muhammad’s older brother. Seeking refuge, Asghar takes shelter in the home of his friend Dawood, who is on the brink of marrying his cousin, Mehri. However, one fateful night, while Asghar is absent and under the influence of alcohol, he commits a terrible crime by raping Mehri. Faced with the grim prospect of a disgraceful life with Dawood, Mehri chooses to flee with Asghar. When Dawood eventually uncovers the truth, Asghar flees, and Dawood, now driven by a deep desire for vengeance as the victim’s brother, sets out to kill him. Mehri, in a bid to save Asghar, reveals the situation to Dawood. As the truth comes to light, both Dawood and Mehri strive to prevent further bloodshed. However, in a tragic twist, the victim’s brother succeeds in killing Asghar, who is left clinging to life. In his final moments, Asghar hears from Dawood that their past friendship still holds significance. As Asghar passes away, Dawood and Mehri find solace in each other, ultimately marrying and forging a new path together.

Iraj Ghaderi
Ali DavudNezhad
Dariush Azizi
Dariush Azizi
Morteza Hananeh
Production Company
Cinematic Organization of Pictures

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Ghadakchian, Amir Tehrani, Cyrus Shandermani, Giti Forohar, Hassan Shahin, Iran Ghaderi, Karim Chehelo yek, Mahrak, Mohammad Gilani, Mohammad Haqdel, Morteza Aghili, Nasser Alizadeh, mollusak