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قهرمانان نمی میرند

Heroes Never Die | قهرمانان نمی میرند

PersianAction 90 min 1970

In a gripping tale, when the young hero staunchly refuses to collaborate with the villains, the gang’s boss devises a plan to use a young villain to harm the hero. However, an unexpected twist occurs when the hero and the young antagonist form an unlikely friendship. As the criminal mastermind tries to pit these newfound friends against each other, tensions rise. Fortunately, with timely intervention from the police, the criminals are apprehended, bringing their reign of terror to an end. With their past behind them, the two friends seize the opportunity to start afresh, embarking on a new chapter in their lives.

Syrus Jarrahzadeh
Syrus Jarrah zadeh
Turaj PoorMorovat
Mahmoud Mehdizade
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company
ferdowsi film

Cast & Crew
Ali Mahzoun, Firoz, Gholam Reza Sarkub, Hossein Gil, Shaheen