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قهرمان شهر ما

Our Hometown Hero | قهرمان شهر ما

PersianAction 90 min 1967

After her Iranian father and American mother went their separate ways, Nancy remained in America with her mother for some time. However, tragedy struck when her mother passed away. In the wake of this loss, Nancy embarked on a journey to Iran in search of her estranged father. Upon the girl’s arrival in Iran, a sinister plot unfolds. Some individuals, viewing her father as an obstacle to their plans to acquire his wealth, conspire to eliminate him. Fortunately, a young man who has become acquainted with her father takes it upon himself to thwart the criminals’ nefarious scheme through a series of strategic interventions. Ultimately, he manages to apprehend the culprits, ensuring that the plot to harm her father does not come to fruition.

Mohammad Reza Fazeli
Fereydoun Goleh
Jamshid Alvandi
Mousa Afshar
Hassan Mosayyebi
Production Company
Mahab Film

Cast & Crew
Dariush Talayi, Jahangir Ghaffari, MohammadReza Fazeli, Nancy Kwak, Turus