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قیامت عشق

The Resurrection of love | قیامت عشق

PersianSocial 88 min 1972

Before his passing, Hossein Agha Bezaz entrusts Agha Kamal (Ezzatullah Tzami), a devout and righteous man, with the guardianship of his daughter, Gol Rokh (Fereshte Janabi). Mr. Kamal honors this request and brings the girl into his home. However, his wife (Mohin Shahabi) strongly objects to this decision, especially given the presence of their young son, Ahmed (Khosro Shujazadeh), in the household. Over time, both Ahmed and Mr. Kamal develop feelings for Golrokh. Tormented by his conscience, Mr. Kamal confides in his trusted friend, Qasim Agha, and, with a heavy heart, he distances himself from the local community. In a moment of distress, he takes drastic action, rendering himself unconscious in the basement of his house. Later that night, Mr. Kamal awakens from his sickbed and discovers his son in Golrokh’s room. Overwhelmed by guilt and remorse, he rushes to the mosque to seek forgiveness. Tragically, the following day, a boy informs Mr. Kamal’s wife and son that he has passed away at a local tavern, leaving them to grapple with the consequences of his actions.

Hoshang Hesami
Hoshang Hesami
Mehdi AmirGhasemKhani
Mehdi AmirGhasemKhani
Mojtaba Mirzadeh
Production Company
Parsa Film

Cast & Crew
Cyrus Hasanpour, Ezzatollah Entezami, Fereshteh Jenabi, Khosrow Shoja Zade, Khosrow Shojazadeh, Reza Bani Ahmad