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لات جوانمرد

The Chivalrous Luti | لات جوانمرد

PersianCrime, Drama 110 min 1958

A professional Loti bartender named Dash Hassan saves a girl named Fati who is about to commit suicide and takes her to their home. One of Dash Hassan’s (Mohammed Taghi) friends entrusts his daughter and wife to him on the eve of the Hajj pilgrimage. Mohammad Taghi’s cousin Khosrow has an opinion on this girl. Dash Hasan was imprisoned due to Khosrow’s conspiracy, but was soon released. Khosrow dies in an accident. But Hassan (who was accused of murdering Khosrow) is acquitted and after that he finds out that Fati is also deceived by Khosrow and is pregnant by him. He forgives Fati and marries her.

Majid Mohseni
Majid Mohseni
Ahmad Shirazi
Ahmad Shirazi
Production Company
Diana Film

Cast & Crew
Fakhri Khorosh, Majid Mohseni, Taghi Zohouri