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لاک پشت ها هم پرواز میکنند

Turtles can fly | لاک پشت ها هم پرواز میکنند

Arabic, English, Kurdish (Farsi)Action, Family 98 min September 10, 2004 (Toronto), September 10, January 7, 2005 (UK) , February 23, 2005 (France) , February 18, 2005 (USA)

The film portrays the existence of a Kurdish community situated on the border between Iraq and Turkey during the American invasion of Iraq. In tandem with their efforts to install satellite antennas for the refugee camp residents, Cocksatellite assumes the role of overseeing a group of village children tasked with clearing mines in the vicinity. This dynamic shifts with the arrival of Agrin and her brother to the village. In the backdrop of the Iraqi forces’ assault on Halabja, the film highlights the deeply distressing event where Agrin experienced assault by the soldiers who also killed her parents. The film’s primary thematic focus revolves around the psychological aftermath and strain stemming from these traumatic incidents.

Bahman Ghobadi
Bahman Ghobadi
Mohammadreza Kateb
Sepideh Shamlou
Shahriar Asadi
Hayedeh Safiyari
Hossein Alizadeh
Reza Asgarzadeh (Dehl Studio)
Production Company
BAC film
Mazh film

Cast & Crew
Abdul Rahman Karim, Ajil Zibari, Avaz Latif, Hirosh Feisal Rahman, Saddam Hussein Feisal, Soran Ibrahim