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The Tough Guy (Luti) | لوطی

PersianDrama, Romance 94 min 1971

Loti Asad’s son, Ahmed, is in love with the daughter of Elias Meyfarush, named Belqis, who has another lover named Abram. On Abram’s advice, Loti tries to put a distance between Belqis and Ahmed, who considers it a forbidden love. But he himself is trapped by the temptations of Balqis and when Balqis kills Abram, Loti takes responsibility for this murder. But he is saved during an accident on the way to prison. After some time, when he returns, he hears the sound of his and a man’s happy laughter from Balqis’ room. He kills Balqis and the man in the dark and later finds out that the murdered man was his son.

Khosrow Parvizi
Khosrow Parvizi
Alireza Zarindast
Khosrow Parvizi
Mojtaba Mirzadeh
Production Company
Payam Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Enayatollah Bakhshi, Mahnaz, Morteza Aghili, Nasser Malekmotiei