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لیلی با من است

Leyli is With Me | لیلی با من است

PersianDrama 74 min 1995

Sadeq Mashkini, portrayed by Parviz Parastui, is a television cameraman who has a deep fear of war and the frontline. In a bid to secure a loan from the television fund to complete his partially built house, he reluctantly agrees to go to the war zone to film a documentary about Iraqi prisoners. Sadeq makes preparations, including writing a night-time will, and embarks on his journey the following morning alongside Mr. Kamali, played by Mahmoud Azizi.

Throughout his journey, Sadeq’s efforts to avoid the frontline lead to a series of strange and peculiar events. Despite his attempts to stay away from the war zone, he unintentionally finds himself on the frontline. The film likely explores the comical and challenging situations that Sadeq encounters during his unexpected journey to the frontline.

Kamal Tabrizi
Kamal Tabriz
Mojtaba Rahimi
Kamal Tabriz
Behnam Abtahi
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Hedayatollah Navid, Mahmoud Azizi, Maziar Lorestani, Mehdi Faghih, Parviz Parastui, Rahim Mehdi Khani, Rahman Bagherian