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ماجراهای اینترنتی

Internet Adventures | ماجراهای اینترنتی

PersianComedy, Drama, Family 90 min 2004

Mahroo, a girl from an orphanage who lost her family in an earthquake, finds her grandfather through the Internet and goes to the village with them. There, he realizes that some land grabbers are displacing the villagers to the cities by buying land. Mahroo along with Mrs. Moalem and some villagers are trying to deal with this trend.

Hossein Ghenaat
Hossein Ghenaat
Bayram Fazli
Faramarz Mohtasham
Mehdi Bozorgmehr
Production Company
Sobhan Cinema Company

Cast & Crew
Bahare Rahnama, Mehdi Pakdel, Rabee Oskouei, Shahram Ghayedi