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ماجراهای علاءالدین و چراغ جادو

The Adventures of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp | ماجراهای علاءالدین و چراغ جادو

PersianComedy 101 min 1978

The narrators of the news, the carriers of the horizons, and the sweet-talking parrots have said that in the old days, one of the kings of Saman received the minister Jafar in his palace. Malak angrily turned to the minister and said: “The tallow burner of his family has been sold to a slave named “Aladdin” and he orders that his agents find the tallow burner, they find “Aladdin” and “Aladdin” The trick escapes from the hands of the assigned. “Aladdin” is looking for a treasure that he thinks he will get with a magic lamp; But the old dervish advises him not to seek the devil’s treasure.

Parviz Nouri
Masoud Cham Asmani
Bahram Molayi
Mirza Goodarzi
Mirza Goodarzi
Production Company
Iran Film House

Cast & Crew
Javaneh Jalilvand, Mansour Jahanshah, Pari Karbalayi, Paridokht Eqbalpur, Reza Arham Sadr