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Maral | مارال

PersianDrama 92 min 2001

Rezvan (Soraya Ghasemi), a devout woman of faith, seeks to atone for her sins by performing good deeds in hopes of receiving divine rewards. Upon witnessing a tragic earthquake’s aftermath, she proposes to her husband, Haj Ebrahim (Faramarz Sadighi), that they alleviate one woman’s suffering through a temporary marriage, known as a short-term marriage. However, the woman chosen for this issue is a young girl named Maral (Hadis Foladvand). As time passes, tensions arise between Rezvan and Maral, leading Rezvan to take actions to distance Maral from Haj Ebrahim. Seeking assistance, Maral turns to Rezvan’s friend, Faegheh, for help. Meanwhile, Faegheh’s son takes an interest in Maral, and they eventually marry. Rezvan deeply regrets her past actions and the consequences they brought about. 

Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh
Mohammad Hadi Karimi
Nemat Haghighi
Fereydoun Jourak
Mehrdad Jenabi
Production Company
Shiraz Film

Cast & Crew
Faramarz Sadighi, Farideh Saberi, Hadis Foulavand, Mahtaj Nojoomi, Majid Hajizadeh, Soraya Ghasemi, Yadollah Rezvani