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The Snake | مار

PersianDrama, Thriller 92 min 1987

The film delves into a classic Iranian tale centered on Master Margir and his three sons. The father, along with his two elder sons, holds themselves in high regard, believing they are above the need for a spouse due to their pride and self-righteousness. In contrast, the youngest son has embraced a simpler life alongside his wife.

One fateful day, a dusty rider arrives in the village bearing alarming news: a deadly snake has made its presence known, claiming the lives of all snake experts. In a sequence of events, each of the two elder brothers and their proud father, unaware of each other’s demise, fall victim to the snake’s venomous bite through a magical twist.

The youngest brother, guided and aided by his wife, devises a cunning plan to exploit the snake’s inflated ego. He strategically places a mirror in front of the snake’s lair, entrapping the once-proud serpent, now ensnared by its own reflection. This turn of events leaves both the proud father, the elder brothers, and the snake captives to the people, curbing their haughty disposition.

Majid Javan Mard
Abdolhay Shammasi
Majid Javan Mard
Hasan Puoya
Mehdi Rajaeian
Babak Bayat
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ali Hoveydayi, Behzad Farahani, Farzaneh Kaboli, Jalal Moghadam, Morteza Koor Ughli, Parastoo Golestani, Parviz Parastui