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ماه عسل

Honeymoon | ماه عسل

PersianAction, Drama 98 min 1993

Engineer Radmanesh, an elderly and wealthy man who has lost his wife in an accident, faces a lonely life with his two children living abroad. Doctors predict his imminent demise. Seeing an opportunity, Radmanesh’s friend, Ahmadi, hatches a plan to marry his daughter Pari to Radmanesh, with the intention of inheriting his wealth and assets upon his death.

However, Radmanesh and his young wife Pari travel to the northern part of the country, and Radmanesh unexpectedly begins to recover. Pari becomes concerned about this turn of events.

During their stay in the north, Radmanesh’s son invites Behrouz, who is working on a film, to visit their villa. However, when Behrouz arrives, he mysteriously disappears, and his boat is found empty at sea. Local authorities arrest Behrouz and Pari. They are released on bail, and in a family trial, they accuse their own parents.

Radmanesh encounters a mystical being through a local fisherman and decides to give away his wealth. He then sets sail on a boat into the turbulent sea while the girl watches in awe.

Hojatollah Seifi
Hojatollah Seifi
Fereydoun Rey Pour
Hojatollah Seifi
Mohammad Mirzamani
Production Company
Naahid Film

Cast & Crew
Abbas Mahboub, Fereydoun Kochakian, Gholam Reza Asanloo, Hamid Safaei, Hourieh Jaber Ansari, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Mahvash Vaghaari, Malihe Akbari, Rajabali Reyvandi, Reza Agharebi, Reza Roygari, Vali Shirandami