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The Insane | مجنون

PersianCrime, Drama 110 min 1990

Nasser, facing dire circumstances due to his diabetes and seeking to improve his and his friend Manouchehr’s lives, reluctantly agrees to plant a bomb in a crowded area in South Tehran as requested by a person named Safdari. However, upon encountering issues at the planned location, Nasser has a change of heart and decides to deactivate the bomb. Safdari, who receives orders from an undisclosed group, decides to eliminate Nasser for his disobedience.

During the confrontation with Safdari, Nasser manages to escape and seeks refuge with his friend Manouchehr. Nasser’s health deteriorates, and he urgently requires insulin. Meanwhile, Manouchehr heads to his workplace repair shop to retrieve some money he entrusted to one of the workers.

However, while trying to get his money back, Manouchehr gets into a conflict with the worker, leading to an unfortunate accident where the worker’s hand falls into a vat of acid. As Manouchehr flees the scene, he crosses paths with Safdari, who ends up saving him with his car. But fearing Safdari’s intentions, Manouchehr attempts to exit the car during the struggle and sustains severe injuries.

On the other hand, Nasser, who has been aided by a blind elderly couple and their wife, encounters Safdari once more, resulting in a violent confrontation. After a fierce struggle, Safdari injures Nasser and attempts to bury him alive. However, Nasser defends himself by striking Safdari on the head with a shovel, inadvertently causing his death. Nasser then carries Manouchehr’s body and leaves the garden, escaping the dire situation.

Rasoul Molagholipour
Rasoul Molagholipour
Azim Javanrouh
Rasool Mollagholipour
Mohammadreza Aligholi
Production Company
Hedayat Film

Cast & Crew
Behzad Behzadpour, Masoud Keramati, Parastoo Golestani, Pari Amir Hamzeh, Reza Khandan