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مرخصی اجباری

Forced Leave | مرخصی اجباری

PersianFamily 117 min 1965

Committed Naser and gentle Taghi are employed at an institution associated with the community. However, the community expresses dissatisfaction with their performance and conduct, prompting them to take a mandatory leave. During this break, they embark on a journey using their owner’s dilapidated car and chance upon Mina on the road. Mina, a renowned singer, is under the guardianship of her aunt and attendants, Sosol and Abdallah Boqi, who strive to maintain control over her wealth, acquired with the assistance of Saeed through document forgery. Saeed’s ulterior motive is to marry Mina and secure half of her riches. When Mina seeks assistance from Naser, her aunt employs hypnotic techniques to facilitate a wedding ceremony between Saeed and Mina. Meanwhile, Naser collaborates with an individual posing as a hypnotist and, assisted by the clever ruse of Taqi disguised in feminine attire, orchestrates the wedding ceremony. In an unexpected turn, Taghi abducts Mina and surrenders Saeed to the authorities. Ultimately, Naser begins a new chapter in life with Mina, while Taghi forms a bond with Mina’s friend.

Reza Karimi
Ahmad Shirazi
Ahmad Shirazi
Homayoun Arjmand
Production Company
Mehregan Film Studio

Cast & Crew
Hamideh Kheirabadi, Heydar Sarimi, Poori Banaei, Taghi Zohoori