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مردها و نامردها

Manly Men and Unmanly Men | مردها و نامردها

PersianDrama 75 min 1974

Karim (Behman Moeed) is infatuated with Mostaneh (Haleh), the singer of Mohsen’s (Abdollah Butimar) cabaret. In order to save Mostaneh and marry her, Karim takes back Mostaneh’s promises and marries her. In retaliation, Mohsen, with the help of Ahmad Fari (Hossein Gil), Mostaneh’s brother, violates Azra (Shahrashoub), Karim’s sister, and after addicting her, forces her into singing at Mohsen’s cabaret. Rahmat (Morteza Aghili), Karim’s apprentice, visits him to save Azra and asks her to marry him. Azra agrees, and they plan to meet that night. However, Mohsen’s henchmen arrive earlier, killing Karim’s apprentice during their escape. When Karim learns about the situation, he goes to the cabaret and Azra falls to her death while trying to escape. However, she explains the entire situation to Karim at the hospital. Karim confronts Ahmad Fari, and Ahmad flees from his grasp. Upon learning that Mohsen intends to turn him over to the police, Karim manages to get Mohsen off balance and escape. Karim and Ahmad face each other. Karim is wounded, and Ahmad is shot in the leg by the police.

Abbas Kasayi
Kavian Kasayi
Tooraj Poor Morovvat
Mohammad Taghi Shokrayi
Hosein Vaseghi
Production Company
Rex Cinema and Theatre Co

Cast & Crew
Abdollah Boutimar, Bahman Mofid, Haleh Nazari, Mehri Vadadian, Morteza Aghili, Parvin Soleimani