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مردی در آینه

A Man In The Mirror | مردی در آینه

PersianAction 97 min 1994

Abdullah Khan Borzou, one of the survivors of the aristocratic Borzou family, was killed during a hunting trip with the conspiracy of his sister Ashraf and Qobad, the son of Ashraf and Rahman, the steward of the family. Abdullah Khan’s son, Amir, an Air Force officer, initiates an investigation into his father’s death. The murderers attempt to seize Borzou’s property and plot to kill Amir. They execute their plan by administering sleeping pills and sabotaging the brakes of Amir’s car. While returning to the city, Amir unwittingly carries a man from Afliji in his car, while Rahman monitors him from a distance. Amir’s car ends up careening into a valley, and the unfortunate man burns in the ensuing fire.

Rahman, believing Amir to have perished in the fire, conveys the news of his death to Ashraf and Qobad. However, a few days later, Amir’s severed head is discovered. Amir’s suspicious conduct leads the conspirators to believe that another individual has allied with Amir to claim Borzou’s property. After a confrontation with Rahman, Amir discloses the true sequence of events. Following the car’s collision with a boulder, Amir fell into the valley, while the man who perished in the fire was a villager from Afliji whom Amir had given a ride to his destination.

Rahman and Qobad assault Amir, but the police intervene. Rahman is arrested and subsequently killed, and Ashraf succumbs to a heart attack.

Samuel Khachikian
Samuel Khachikian
Kamal Motei
Edvin Khachikian
Samuel Khachikian
Faribourz Lachini
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Abbas Nazeri Nik, Ahmad Raghami, Ezzatollah Ramezanifar, Farhad Yadollah Zadeh, Hasan Dargazni, Homa Rostami, Hossein Nabati, Hossein Yaryar, Kazem Afrand Nia, Mahshid Afsharzadeh, Mohammad Reza Ghomi, Reza Roygari, Teymour Ashrafi Nia, Zhanet Veskanian