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مرد هزار لبخند

The Man of a Thousand Smiles | مرد هزار لبخند

PersianDrama 90 min 1971

Hasan Kababi and his friend Esmal are unrivaled in gambling. Hasan Kababi quit gambling and is engaged in a new job. Through gambling, Esmal gains money and prestige and gets acquainted with the daughter of a wealthy man. Esmal’s intention is to deceive the girl, but Hasan Kababi, who is the driver for the girl’s father, arrives just in time on the night when Esmal intends to rape the girl, who is unconscious due to excessive intoxication, and …..

Siamak Yasami
Saeed Motalebbi
Mustafa Alamian
Mustafa Alamian
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Puria Film

Cast & Crew
Iraj Rustami, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Rafi’ Halati, Zari Khoshkam