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Border | مرز

PersianAction, War 98 min 1980

In a border village, the imminent danger of a military attack from the enemy army prompts the villagers to take action. The village’s wise elder encourages them to resist, and unexpectedly, a retired army veteran named Mokhtar, who has been aloof from the people until that moment, steps forward to provide military training to the villagers. United and armed, the villagers, led by Mokhtar, courageously advance to the border. There, they engage in a hard-fought battle and emerge triumphant, successfully overcoming the invading army. 

Jamshid Heydari
Sirus Alvand
Ali Sadeghi
Jamshid Heydari
Mansour Tehrani
Production Company
Farhang Film

Cast & Crew
Abbas Pishbar, Ahu Kheradmand, Ali Sabet, Davoud Rashidi, Ezzatollah Ramazanifar, Gisu Kheradmand, Karim Neshat, Mehri Vadadian, Saeed Rad, Sami Tahassoni, Shapoor Bakhshayi, Tooraj Mehrzad