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مرغ تخم طلا

The Golden Egg-Laying Hen | مرغ تخم طلا

PersianAdventure, Fantasy, Musical 88 min 1972

Mash Rajab (Mohammad Taghi Kahnemoui) finds a hen that lays golden eggs. A jeweler (Mahmoud Bahrami) tries to deceive the second wife of Mash Rajab (Parvin Soleimani) to get the chicken out of his hands. But before that, Saeed (Mohammed Homayun) and Saad (Bahman Mofid), the sons of Mesh Rajab, cut off the head of the chicken and eat its heart and liver. The two go on a journey and lose each other. Saad enters a city and is chosen as the ruler of the city, and Saeed finds some gold coins on his way, which a woman (Parvin Malakuti) and her maid steal from him. He finds a magic hat and wand. While hunting, Saad meets Mahtab (Marjan), the daughter of another emir; But Amir (Sadegh Bahrami) with the conspiracy of his minister (Mirzadeh) separates Mahtab from Saad and locks him in his room. Mahtab sheds so many tears in Saad’s absence that he loses his eyes. Saeed returns the moonlight to her eyes with his magic stick, and saves his fiance with Hazrat Suleiman’s carpet. Saad goes to Mahtab and is arrested and tortured. Saeed saves his brother before he is beheaded by the executioner and finally gets Amir’s consent for his brother to marry Mahtab.

Mehdi Raeis-Firooz
Parviz Khatibi
Mahmoud Koushan 
Majid Mehrjoo
Anoushirvan Rohani
Production Company
Pars Film Studio

Cast & Crew
Ali Mohammad Rajaee, Ali Zahedi, Bahman Mofid, Esmail Shirazi, Homayun, Mahmoud Bahrami, Majid Shahbaz, Marjan, Mirzadeh, Mohammad Taghi Kahnemoui, Parvin Malakuti, Parvin Soleimani, Sadegh Bahrami, Shahram Golchin