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مرگ گرگ ها

Death of wolves | مرگ گرگ ها

PersianAction, Adventure 90 min 1985

The story starts from a prison in one of the northern cities of the country. Several evil prisoners, who are known for disorder in the prison, are sent to one of the bad weather places. The bus carrying the prisoners overturns due to the slippery road. In this incident, several prisoners were killed and some were injured.

Jahangir Jahangiri
Jahangir Jahangiri
Davoud Arab
Iranian film industries cinema service center
Robik Mansouri
Production Company
Islamic Revolution Committee audio-visual

Cast & Crew
Davoud Rahmati, Hossein Bazmandeh, Mahmoud Pirasteh, Mohammad Sadaat Abhari, Mohammad Shah Nazari, Rasoul Tavakoli