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مسافری از بهشت

A Traveler from Heaven | مسافری از بهشت

PersianFamily 91 min 1963

Zohreh (Azita Lachini) and a young man find themselves drawn to each other, but their blossoming love faces opposition from the girl’s father (Houshang Beheshti). In an attempt to escape this adversity, Zohreh and the young man flee their hometown of Isfahan and seek refuge in Tehran. As time passes, their relationship takes an unexpected turn when the man discovers that Zohreh is pregnant with his child. Overwhelmed by the weight of her situation, Zohreh contemplates suicide. However, a compassionate man named Parviz (Nosratolah Vahdat) intervenes, sensing her despair. After hearing Zohreh’s heart-wrenching story, he agrees to pose as her husband when meeting her family. As time goes by, Zohreh gives birth to her child. Burdened by guilt, Parviz eventually reveals the truth to Zohreh’s father, resulting in her being cast out of her family’s home. To protect both Zohreh and her child, Parviz makes a selfless decision to marry Zohreh and adopt the child as his own. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they come across a news article reporting the demise of the young man who had wronged Zohreh, allegedly at the hands of a renowned woman (Apik Yousefian).

Nosratollah Vahdat
Nosratollah Vahdat
Shokrollah Rafiei
Shokrollah Rafiei
Jafar PoorHashemi
Production Company
Karevan Film

Cast & Crew
Apick Youssefian, Azita Lachini, Hooshang Beheshti, Iraj Safdari, Nosratollah Vahdat