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Traveler | مسافر

PersianDrama, Family 83 min 1974

Qasem Joulaei, a roughly ten-year-old student who is passionate about football and hails from Malayer. Despite his mother’s objections, he constantly engages in street football games, is often late to class, and talks endlessly about football. He is so enamored with the sport that he decides to travel to Tehran to watch his favorite team, Persepolis, play in the stadium. To make this happen, he needs 30 tomans for travel expenses and ends up stealing his mother’s meager savings to fund the trip.

Abbas Kiarostami
Abbas Kiarostami
Firooz Malekzadeh
Amirhossein Hami
Kambiz Roshanravan
Production Company
Intellectual Development Center for Children and Teenagers

Cast & Crew
Hassan Arab, Hassan Darabi, Masoud Zandbagala, Mostafa Tari