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The Tenant | مستاجر

PersianComedy 85 min 1993

Hamid, who is in conflict with his father, decides to leave his father’s house along with his wife, Maryam. They move to a rented apartment owned by an elderly couple known for their grumpy demeanor, who strictly enforce a no-children policy. Maryam is pregnant, but she’s determined to keep her condition a secret from the landlords and neighbors.

The elderly couple who own the house becomes suspicious of Maryam’s pregnancy and starts to closely monitor her and Hamid, looking for evidence to confirm their suspicions. The tension in the apartment building rises as the elderly landlords intensify their efforts to uncover the truth.

In the midst of this, the elderly landlord forces another tenant, Hamid, who has three children, to vacate his apartment. Facing eviction and unable to secure alternative housing, Hamid embarks on a desperate search for a suitable place to live, but his efforts yield no results. Eventually, he succumbs to his mother’s insistence and agrees to move back to his father’s house.

This film explores themes of family, housing challenges, and the secrets people keep, all set against the backdrop of a turbulent living situation.

Rahim Rahimpour
Rahim Rahimpour
Parviz Malekzade
Hossein Zandbaf
Kambiz Roshanravan
Production Company
Afaagh Film

Cast & Crew
Abbas Mokhtari, Abdolreza Akbari, Adel Karami, Ali Kasmaei, Ali Rahimi, Ali Zahedi, Amrollah Saberi, Asadollah Yekta, Atash Taghipour, Ezatollah Ramezanifar, Farhad Khanimohammadi, Fariborz Samandpour, Farnoush Al Ahmad, Fatemeh Taheri, Habib Dehghan Nasab, Hadi Eslami, Hamid Reza Mahmoudian, Hamid Reza Moradi, Hedayat Safarim, Jahangir Forouhar, Mahmoud Ahmadi, Mahrokh Sharif, Mahshid Afsharzadeh, Mahvash Vaghaari, Mehdi Ebrahimi, Mehdi Fat'hi, Mohammad Ali Varshouchi, Mostafa Heydari, Parvin Soleimani, Parviz Shafizadeh, Rahim Matin, Rahim Mehdi Khani, Sedighe Kiyanfar, Seyed Ali Hossein, Sirous Avaani, Taghi Javid