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مسیر رودخانه

River Path | مسیر رودخانه

PersianAction, Drama 105 min 1964

Mahmoud comes across a dead body in his humble home. He takes the body to the forest to hang it on a rope, but a man named Jabar arrives and threatens Mahmoud to a farm and introduces him to Farhad, the lost son of the farm owner. Mahmoud, who is interested in Nahid, Arbab’s daughter, reveals the truth, and Nahid drives her away with the idea that Mahmoud is trying to deceive her father. Mahmoud reads in the newspaper that the police found a body in the forest that was stolen from the Ghosal house. Mahmoud messes up his cooperation with Jabar, but Jabar takes him to Sohrab Khan’s estate and shows him Farhad. Sohrab locks Mahmoud in a room. Farhad saves Mahmoud and Mahmoud takes Farhad to his real father and marries Nahid.

Saber Rahbar
Saber Rahbar
Saber Rahbar
Saber Rahbar
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Soureh Cinema Organization

Cast & Crew
Akbar Khajavi, Farideh Nasiri, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Mohammad Reza Fazeli, Mohsen Arasteh