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معجزه خنده

The Miracle of laughter | معجزه خنده

PersianComedy 90 min 1996

Ashkouri has returned to Iran with a specialty in laughter therapy and is working in one of Tehran’s psychiatric hospitals. He is of the opinion that mental patients should be kept happy and they should return to society. One day he takes a group of his patients out for a walk and the next day he invites a theater group to the hospital.

Fereydoun Hasan Pour
Yadollah Samadi
Alireza Khamse
Hossein Zandbaf
Mohammad Reza Aligholi
Production Company
Soureh Cinema Organization

Cast & Crew
Akbar Doodkar, Faghiheh Soltani, Golab Adineh, Keyhan Maleki, Mehdi Hashemi, Mohammad Sadaat Abhari, Shaban Rangi Vand